We help parents of young children struggling to navigate the challenges of parenting so they feel empowered to guide their children towards becoming the individuals they aspire to be.


At Seeds of Hope Consulting, we specialize in helping families get an early start for disabled and neurotypical children between the ages birth - six years old. Parent consulting is when the parent or primary caregiver meets with a professional consultant, well versed in early intervention, to discuss goals or concerns related to their child's development. Consulting is for any caregiver who needs help navigating their child’s developmental needs or increasing family functioning. During a session, the consultant reviews information provided by the caregiver related to activities, daily routines, and concerns. The consultant then provides the parents with education about the child’s development, offers strategies and support, and may connect the parents with local resources or materials to help facilitate interventions. Sessions are billed at a rate of $100/hour with a one hour minimum, and are primarily completed virtually.


*Challenging behaviors * Screen time concerns * Difficulties at preschool* Transitioning to Kindergarten* Understanding your child’s communication * Peer interactions * Morning routines * Bedtime routines * Potty training * Activities to engage in at home * and the list goes on…

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