We offer Parent Consulting, Training, Curriculum Adaptation, and Community Inclusion Support


Every child is different, and as most parents know, there is no rule book. At Seeds of Hope Consulting, we specialize in helping families get an early start for disabled and neurotypical children between the ages birth - six years old. Parent consulting is when the parent or primary caregiver meets with a professional consultant, well versed in early intervention, to discuss goals or concerns related to their child's development. Consulting is for any caregiver who needs help navigating their child’s developmental needs or increasing family functioning. During a session, the consultant reviews information provided by the caregiver related to activities, daily routines, and concerns. The consultant then provides the parents with education about the child’s development, offers strategies and support, and may connect the parents with local resources or materials to help facilitate interventions. Sessions are billed at $50 per hour with a one hour minimum, and are primarily completed virtually.

 Early Childhood Parent Consulting can help with:

*Challenging behaviors * Screen time concerns * Understanding your child’s communication * Peer interactions * Morning routines * Bedtime routines * Potty training * Activities to engage in  at home * and the list goes on…

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We present research, data, and information in an approachable way on topics related to disabilities and inclusion.  Some of our topics include: disability sensitivity and etiquette, inclusion, autism, physical disabilities, IEPS, creating visuals, universal design for learning, trauma informed practices, adapting materials, utilizing communication and assistive technology devices, creating inclusive environments, and the list goes on. Trainings are offered in person and virtually. If you know an individual or group that would benefit from learning more about these topics or a topic related to disability and inclusion, feel free to contact us for a quote today.  

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Generally, most curriculums and programs are designed in a one-size-fits-all manner. This common method of teaching and learning works well for individuals and children within the majority of groups. For children and learners with developmental disabilities, they often require adaptations to make that same content accessible to them. An adaptation does not alter “what” is being taught, it reshapes “how” it is being taught.  A curriculum can be adjusted to include different instructional strategies, visuals, and materials that make activities accessible for all.  

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Every life has a purpose and every child deserves to be a part of the group. We all want to make friends, have social relationships, and be included in activities with our peers. Children with disabilities may need support to participate fully in their community. This support can range from providing accommodations like timers and visuals, to modifying activities to make them more accessible, to rearranging a space to make it disability friendly. If you are a community provider such as a daycare, camp, preschool, or children’s ministry, we recognize that while you may desire to include an individual with a disability, you may lack the knowledge to do so. That’s okay! We are here to help! We can come to your site, review the programs and activities you currently have in place, explore opportunities for growth, and assist you with strategies and materials to make it happen. Is there a child in your program that is struggling to find success in your environment? We can come in, observe the situation, and model strategies to help shift the momentum into a positive direction. Every child deserves to be included with their peers and we are here to help make that a reality. 

In-person Inclusion Support

*Services delivered in-person, outside of the Richmond Metro Area, will incur a travel fee *