Seeds of Hope Consulting, LLC

Welcome to your home for parent consulting, disability and inclusion training, curriculum adaptation, and support.

We specialize in providing early childhood parent consulting, training, and support for businesses serving children ages birth through six years old.  We work with families, churches, daycares, preschools, and corporations to help make our inclusive dreams a reality. 

What our clients are saying

"Your inclusion training workshops are informative and helpful. You share your knowledge and experience in a way that is easy to understand and apply. After attending your workshop, I feel better equipped at helping people with differing abilities feel included in our community"

- Michelle  (children's ministry volunteer)

"Thank you so much for your and ideas! Your lens is so special and needed for us ECSE teachers"  

                - Amanda (early childhood special education teacher)

"Danielle is a wealth of resources that every parent needs."

-Sharon (parent) 

"Danielle's innovative teaching methods have resulted in remarkable progress for our students, both academically and socially. She has an extraordinary talent for turning challenges into opportunities for growth." 

-Brad (elementary principal)

"These ladies gave me great guidance in becoming a strong and well-rounded teacher. They took their time to help me understand the things I didn't know and challenged me when I needed it. I now feel much more confident in my skills as an educator. Yall are truly amazing!"

-Jessica (early childhood teacher)

"You have made me a better teacher and I am forever grateful." 

-Melinda (preschool autism teacher)

"You have made one of my most difficult years of teaching, bearable. Without your guidance, I don't think I would have been able to finish the year. Thank you so much!"

-Danielle (early childhood special education teacher)